Thursday, September 10, 2015

Uberization of Education in the Built Environment

The Uberization of Education occurs when a specific student seeks out a specific teacher or group of teachers to learn a specialized skill or skill set. The internet facilitates the connection of the student and the teacher while simultaneously enabling distance learning. The process harkens back to the apprenticeship model mastered by specialty trades and professions in centuries past.

The concept works well for high level executives seeking insights into the cultural and legal implications of virtual planning and design, building information modeling and virtual design and construction (BIM / VDC) and integrated project delivery (IPD) and similar processes that arise from a desire to continuously improve and add value in exchange for profits. These “Value Add” business models thrive in the open and transparent environment of the world wide web, and prevail in head to head competition when deployed against “Waste Based” business models that extract profits from a known waste stream.

Owners seeking value prefer employees, executives and enterprises that operate under Value Add business models. Such individuals and entities benefit from the dispersed knowledge available through an Uberized Education model.

Collaborative Construction offers a variety courses, seminars and workshops beneficial to entities and individuals operating in the built environment that seek to understand the cultural and legal implications of BIM / VDC & IPD. Contact James L. Salmon to learn how your company, your executives, your employees, your key clients and your collaborative partners can benefit from an Uberized Education model to learn more about developing and deploying intelligent and effective Value Add business models in the Built Industry that leverage BIM / VDC & IPD in a built environment.

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