Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Business Purpose of Smart Buildings

When working with an integrated team to craft an integrated agreement that guides the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a facility, and its accompanying infrastructure, I always ask the owner to clearly define the business purpose of the facility as it relates to the owner's overall enterprise. Armed with an understanding of the business purpose of the facility, the integrated team then establishes a value proposition for the project that lists the key performance indicators (KPI) that determine the compensation package. Once the team knows what the owner values - schedule, price, quality, sustainability etc. - the team negotiates an integrated legal agreement that rewards delivery of a project that matches the owner's value proposition.

Creating a legal framework that enables an owner to procure planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance services from an integrated team that understands the value of a facility and its accompanying infrastructure to an owner is a novel task in the legal profession. Most attorneys deliver legal services in a deep dark silo with little concern as to the impact of the legal agreements drafted in that silo. At Collaborative Construction we work with the entire team to instill a new culture that favors integration over fragmentation of teams, collaborative rather than adversarial relationships and the leverage trust rather than mistrust. 

Owners that procure facilities in this manner will eventually enjoy the use of Smart Buildings. The article linked below, written by my friend and colleague Jim Sinopoli, describes the "nuts and bolts" of a Smart Building from an IT perspective. Please share the article with owners you know, as the concept of a Smart Building is not well understood at this time.

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