Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Global-E-Training Help Desk Contact Info


As regular readers know I am writing a book that details the need for a smart built culture in construction. In furtherance of that endeavor I've joined forces with Global E Training out of Canada to create a series of online training courses related to the book. This blog post serves as the initial "Help Desk" link associated with those courses.

If you sign up for a Global E Training Course produced by yours truly you will, for now, be transported to through the interwebs to THIS blog post should you click the help button in one of those courses.

If you arrived that way, welcome and feel free to contact me directly via the phone numbers / email linked below. Please note you need to add a DOT, aka as a PERIOD between the gmail and the com in the email for the email address to work.

A more formal FAQ page will be developed as we move forward and eventually, I may provide a formal chat page but for now questioners will just have to suffer me! 

Welcome to the Golden Rule Alliance

James L. Salmon, Esq.
Collaborative Construction
300 Pike Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Summary of Services and James L. Salmon's CV

Office 513-721-5672
Fax 513-562-4388
Cell 512-630-4446


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