Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cheap Clean Energy is Good for People and Good for Nature

When my friends on the left rail against cheap clean energy I ask them why the hate poor women in third world countries who live below the Wash Line. If you don't know what the Wash Line is take a few minutes to watch Hans Rosling's Ted Talk on the Magic Washing Machine.

Nuclear power - like natural gas - provides cheap clean energy. However, many environmentalists and their allies on the left abhor those sources of energy and oppose building new nuclear power plants. Such opposition is miss guided as cheap clean energy is good for people and good for the environment.

The well reasoned article linked below was written by an environmentalist who recognizes the value of leveraging nuclear power to provide cheap clean energy here and abroad. Advocates of continuous improvement through the use of BIM & IPD, of all people, should understand the value of cheap clean energy.

Clean Energy is on the Decline

Individual property rights, capitalism and cheap clean energy raise more people out of poverty that all the government programs and NGOs in the world.

Don't hate this woman because she is poor!

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