Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shale Oil & Gas Rises Phoenix Like

Despite the best shot of OPEC and the Green Allies in the west the Shale Oil & Gas industry in the US is rising, again, from the ashes of an all out assault that saw oil drop to $26 a barrel. 

Between the glimmer of hope for Nuclear power - environmentalist that ACTUALLY believe carbon emissions are a problem support expansion of nuclear power - and the vast reserves of oil and gas in tight shale formations world wide the world is poised to leverage cheap clean energy for a very long time. If the coal industry survives the left's concerted attempts to bankrupt it then poor people all over the world will enjoy access to cheap energy to help raise them out of poverty. Energy, whether produced by oil & gas, coal, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, windmills or some other mechanism - is critical to raising the poor out of poverty. A combination of cheap energy, liberty, private property rights, and non-crony based capitalism can raise billions of people out of poverty 

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