Monday, August 22, 2016

What if Memory Holes Were Closed?

George Orwell famously warned of Memory Holes monitored by the Ministry of Truth. Police power, a command economy and propaganda served the state's interest in controlling society. The Ministry of Truth's ability to bury unfavored "truths" in Memory Holes and rewrite the "Narrative" on the basis of "truths" favored by the state. Blockchains imperil the state's ability to control the Narrative.

Richard Fernandez explores this issue in more detail in the article, "The End of the Memory Hole" quoted and linked below.

The idea of the state as the "locomotive of history" is relatively recent. George Orwell's 1984 saw state resting on the pillars of police power, a command economy and the ability to rewrite the Narrative.  The most important of these was the ability to rewrite the factual record.  In fact 1984's protagonist was employed full time to rewrite newspaper articles.  In Orwell's view the mutability of the past was the foundation of tyranny.  "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."  To ensure this the Ministry of Truth was honeycombed with Memory Holes into which any inconvenient fact could be dropped and be disappeared. 

While the foregoing article tackles the issues from a political perspective, my interest in the Blockchain revolves around my passion for creating Collaborative Agreements that arise from trust based relationships. Imagine a new generation of construction contracts based on blockchain technology. Reducing the cost of transactions and fixing the "truth" on a construction project is attractive to all participants in the process. The video linked below provides an in depth discussion of the blockchain.


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