Friday, February 3, 2017

Uber Freight Destroys Jobs?

For 200,000 years humans struggled to gather and store enough food and fuel to get through the winter. A rudimentary barter economy emerged among these hunter gathers, but the focus remained on gathering and storing food. Then about 10,000 years ago humans began growing food and a more robust agricultural economy emerged, bolstered by advances in transportation and innovation - think ships and the wheel - freeing artisans and academics to pursue other interests. All those people - 90% of the worlds population - were involved in the production of food and focused on agriculture or related tasks.

About 300 years ago the industrial revolution geared up and by 1950 90% of the world's population was involved in the production of THINGS rather than the production of FOOD. 

In 1950 the electronic information age launched and in 1991 Al Gore invented the internet.  Fast forward to the emergence of truly useful robots, software as a service and the internet of things. By 2050 90% of the world's population will be involved in the creation and manipulation of information and ideas. In that knowledge economy human labor will be redirected and entire new business models and classes of jobs will emerge. Today, drone operators are being trained and anybody that can fly a Bat Bot to collect critical data is likely to be in high demand.

Unfortunately, many existing jobs / sectors of the economy will be violently disrupted by the seismic changes in the economy. 

Very interesting article linked below.

The logistics involved in getting groceries on the shelf and construction materials on site cry out for these kinds of solutions. I've thought about using an Amazon Prime Account for delivery of materials to specific construction  projects and even hiring Uber drivers to make deliveries to the site. This is the logical next step.

All of this, of course, would be further impacted by smart contracts and the tracking of the data via blockchain technology and the payment for services via a cryptocurrency.

Interesting times. 

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