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Procuring facilities, infrastructure and residential assets (FIR Assets) under the traditional legal framework imposed on the built industry reminds me of poor Sisyphus!

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Sisyphus, whose eternal punishment entailed pushing a rock up a mountain everyday, only to see it roll back down to the bottom epitomizes modern construction procurement. The absurdity Sisyphus's task replicates itself, too often, in world of FIR Asset procurement. Charged with procuring the very best planning, design and construction services at the very lowest prices, all for delivery in accordance with most unrealistic schedules it's no wonder procurement professional, both public and private, view the process as Sisyphusian! Sadly, in excess of seventy (70) percent of all built industry projects exceed schedule and budget and fail, in many ways, to satisfy the owner. Why?

The Iron Triangle of Construction explains, to a large degree, the dilemma faced by procurement professional in the built industry. Depicted below, the iron triangle includes scope, cost and time. Immutable connections exist between the three points on the iron triangle, guaranteeing that adjustment of one component impacts the other two.

Confronted with the immutable nature of the iron triangle, and the oft repeated truism that no point on the iron triangle can be adjusted without impacting the other two points, the built industry, especially procurement professionals, abandon hope and succumb to their Sisyphusian fate.
While Sisyphus struggled perpetually and without hope of success the built industry need not do the same. Use of virtual planning, design and construction tools combined with intense and collaborative application of continuous improvement techniques - known respectively in the industry as BIM Tools and Lean Construction Processes - the built industry can retire Sisyphus and crush the iron triangle.

But only after turning up the heat on recalcitrant leaders in the industry who insist the water in the pot is just fine.

Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water being heated slowly, too many industry leaders enjoy swimming, laconically, in the warm waters, secure in the belief that their traditional waste-based business models ensure future success. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sporting waste rates in excess of sixty (60) percent, the built industry, like many others, is ripe for for disruption. Aggressive new competitors operating on BIM platforms, new software tools that digitize Lean Construction processes and a myriad of new innovative ideas only add fuel, everyday, to the fire beneath the pot in which the industry leaders lazily swim. Sadly, many of these enterprises will, unbeknownst to their leaders, be boiled by the heat of competition over the next decade.

At Collaborative Construction we are working hard to educate our clients about the risks and to put effective business strategies in place that enable our clients to clamor out of the pot, retire Sisyphus and crush the iron triangle! Call today if you your enterprise needs assistance crafting a legal framework that support BIM, Lean Construction processes and integrated project delivery (IPD) generally.

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