Thursday, August 24, 2017

What is a smart contract on the blockchain?

Smart Contracts written on the blockchain are Turing enabled blockchains, or distributed ledgers that utilize logic loops and forks, that support automated identification of participants in self-enforcing “smart contracts” that leverage data traditionally left in silos on the web. Clever cryptography in the code by-passes intermediaries normally entrusted to verifying transactions. This dramatically reduces the trust gap for transactions of all kinds.  

Reducing the trust gap in commerce is a paradigm shift as dramatic as our shift to a knowledge economy.

It is not dis-similar to the shift from oral traditions to cuneiform writing in Mesopotamia, moving from hand writing to the printing press in the middle ages, and transitioning from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy and then, ultimately, to our current knowledge economy. 

This TedX Talk by Richie Etwaru explains the paradigm shift associated with dramatic reductions in the trust gap.

Richie also wrote a book, Blockchain: Trust Companies where he argues every company is at risk of being disrupted by a trusted version of itself. 

At Collaborative Construction we are committed to driving disruption by trusted companies. If you are trusted company and you want to utilize smart contracts written on the blockchain, then reach out to us.

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