Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pellets of Oil?

An interesting discovery out of Canada.

Gates and his team of researchers have developed the technology to the point where they can make pellets of various sizes right at the wellhead, using about the same amount of energy as it takes to add diluent to the bitumen to liquefy it for shipping via pipelines.

"Think Advil," Gates said. "You have the chemical material ... we're then exposing that material, on the outside, to a set of heat, pressure conditions, that then yield a asphaltine-rich coating. So, really just a coating that bounds the inner material."

ian gates

Ian Gates at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering says his bitumen pellet invention will make it cheaper and safer to transport Alberta's energy products by rail. (CBC)

Environmentally safe

The pellets are tough and can be safely transported by rail or truck without worrying about spills. Because of a gas bubble injected inside each pellet, they are also buoyant, Gates says.

"They're nice and hardy. If you put them in water, they'll sit like that for a very long time," Gates said.

"It's a safe product for transport."

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Albert Mills said...

A new method of transporting oil has been found in the University of Calgary. Ian Gates, of the University of Calgary’s School of Engineering, has invented the use of pellets that can transport oil in a very safe way. It is through his bitumen pellet invention that has allowed for the insertion of oil into a hard covering, a chemical material to yield an asphaltine-rich coating, that will bound the inner material, for where the oil is to be stored.
These pellets are set to be very tough, and environmentally safe for transportation. They will avoid oil spills, and can easily be transported by train. When in contact with water, these pellets will also be able to stay afloat because of some air bubbles stored inside of the pellet.