Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thinking Critically in a Collaborative Setting

As a Philosophy Major I greatly value critical thinking. As an attorney, steeped in the Socratic Method who advocates the use of BIM & IPD to plan, design and construct smart built assets I particularly value the demonstration of critical thinking by experienced professionals operating, on their feet, in a collaborative environment.

But to be fair to others, these intense collaborative exchanges even wear on me, and at the end of a long workshop focused on XYZ in an IPD environment I often feel spent. Early in my career I tried dozens of jury trials and spend many a night preparing experts and other witnesses to testify the next day and followed that up with another day of trial where focus, precision and thinking on your feet was critical.

With that background in mind I encourage readers of this blog to think critically not just collaboratively about the problems you encounter in the built environment. Below is an excerpt from an article published on LinkedIn by Tim Leberecht that prompted this post.

 Real thinking means critical thinking. And critical thinking is critical--in fact, so much so that the World Economic Forum and others consider it one of the essential skills for future career success. Critical thinking keeps us from merely reacting to events like Pavlov's dogs, and it helps us do what we were supposed to do as leaders in the first place: to act proactively.

Read the whole thing!

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