Thursday, November 2, 2017

An Excellent Blockchain Article on Property Rights

The article excerpted below deserves your full attention if you have any interest the future of real estate.

The blockchain today performs the same function that a record of ownership provided in the 11th century BC. It confirms that this is mine and that is yours, and thus makes possible a greater degree of peaceful trade and wealth creation. 
When you think of it this way, you realize that the blockchain is a new technology that provides for an ancient need. If it had existed in the 11th century BC, along with the supporting technology, it would have been used. 
The point is that it is here now. It is the future, until the next technology comes along. What gives rise to such services is not the longing for edgy new gizmos or the digitalization of everything but rather a universal human need.

The Three Stages of Ownership

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