Monday, March 5, 2018

Quantum Computing in 2018

In 2014 I wrote a blog post singing the praises of Quantum Computing in Construction and, if I do say so myself, the post aged well!

Below are excerpts from an article by John Hawthorne updating the current state of Quantum Computing in which he argues 2018 may be the year Quantum Computing breaks through as a practical tool. From my perspective these advances cannot get here fast enough. Especially for construction and the built environment.

The use of Quantum Computers and advances on that front fit neatly into my vision for the future of construction on the blockchain and the use / creation of a common data environment for the built industry that resides on series of blockchain enabled graphic databases. My vision of the future is a Granny Proof user interface between  a series of blockchains as a service connected to graphic databases that tap into super computers like IBM's Watson - or even D-Wave's new 2000Q described by John in the article below - on an as needed basis. This vision requires a new blockchain compatible technology stack in the database world like the one contemplated by Fluree DB. I mentioned Fluree DB in an earlier blogpost titled Blockchain Databases for Construction and will revisit them again soon.

John does a great job in the article excerpted and linked below describing how Quantum Computers work and outlining the pros and cons of their use. As always, read the whole thing!

Bad news. Our computers may be stealing all our power.
As technology continues to expand and computers (in all their forms – mobile phones, laptops) continue to be the predominant method of communication, there will come a time when the power consumption of computers will outstrip the resources of power available on the planet.
This is a serious dilemma for all industries and populations around the world.
In answer to the problem, the computer industry believes the solution lies in the use of quantum computers. Don’t worry – we’ll explain those momentarily.
However, current science suggests that the availability of quantum computers to the general public is decades in the future. The technology required for building and operating a quantum computer is so expensive, only large global corporations, governments, or large organizations with extensive financial reserves could possibly afford one at the present time.
So where does that leave us?
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