Monday, August 20, 2018

Brickschain Pilot Project

The ENR article linked below details the results of a very interesting pilot project in Minnesota in which a forward thinking general contracting firm, Gardner Builders partnered with an innovative startup firm, Brickschain, to deliver a robust building information model (BIM) on a functional blockchain platform.

Gardner Builders, a Minneapolis-based contractor, turned over on July 23 what is believed to be a first twofer in the industry: a finished project along with a digital twin of the project documentation, secured and unchangeable—or “immutable,” in blockchain parlance—because it exists on multiple databases that are all kept in sync. That is a hallmark of the blockchain technology. Any attempt to modify a record stored in the blockchain will violate the synchronization protocol and be revealed and prevented.
“We are early adopters,” says CEO Bob Gardner. “This is the first project that’s ever been done this way. This was a test drive.”
Be sure to read the whole thing.


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