Saturday, May 31, 2008


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Limited Registration Time - First Teleconference May 8, 2008!

Collaborative or Integrated Project Delivery/Contracts + BIM + Lean Construction
U.S. Construction Industry Revolution!

In this ground-breaking four-part NATIONAL teleconference series for the ENTIRE construction industry ($99 to $120 for each session; $350 discounted price for all four sessions), Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC (CCR) and a panel of experienced industry experts, will outline a step-by-step process by which your organization can plan, prepare and launch pilot projects using:

  • The ConsensusDOCS 300 Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement For Collaborative Project Delivery (ConsensusDOCS 300) (A landmark new contract and the only U.S. construction industry standard form of integrated or collaborative project delivery agreement on the market!)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) (The latest BIM technology, usage, benefits, integrated and collaborative planning processes (including with subcontractors at the beginning of design), standards and protocols from pre-design master planning/programming through to building operations and maintenance phases—all of which is optimized through the ConsensusDOCS 300 contractual framework)
  • Lean Construction (The innovative production model pioneered by Toyota, tailored to the U.S. Construction Industry by the Lean Construction Institute and the foundation for the ConsensusDOCS 300!)

Registrants should fill their conference rooms (planners, owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and their attorneys, risk managers, insurers, sureties, IT personnel, associations and trade groups) and be prepared to learn to deliver construction projects using the ConsensusDOCS 300, BIM and Lean Construction that are together dramatically and permanently lowering costs, shortening projects by months, decidedly improving quality, significantly reducing risks, claims and disputes and even helping with building operations and maintenance on construction projects of all types and sizes across the U.S!

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CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW or continue reading for a summary of each Teleconference session. If you want to download a PDF document that contains detailed information about the National Teleconference Series CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for Teleconference #1 details.

CLICK HERE for Teleconference #2 details.

CLICK HERE for Teleconference #3 details.

CLICK HERE for Teleconference #4 details.

In addition to providing regular teleconferences and hosting the Collaborative Construction Blog, CCR also provides single and multi-client online and in-person construction consulting, and soon, a premium/subscription-based website and individual employee training centered around collaborative or integrated project delivery/contracts, BIM and Lean Construction.