Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leverage BIM in Your Business Strategy

Finith Jernigan, the author of BIG BIM little bim is always on the look out for insightful articles, and he sent me a link such an article this morning. The article, titled, "Leverage BIM in Your Business Strategy" is authored by James O. Jonassen of NBBJ, an architectural firm that has been a real leader in the IPD movement on the West Coast. I've excerpted a paragraph that focuses on integration, but you really need to read it all.

BIM in Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated project delivery is an approach to integrate all stakeholders in a design and construction project: owner/client, builders, and designers. It can achieve all the potential advantages of BIM in design and construction in a win/win environment for all parties. It engages the owner in determining what the project should achieve and in early decision-making to integrate those decisions in both design and construction. It aligns project-centered goals among owner, builder, and designer. It provides a continuity of information flow in the models from start to finish, eliminating most opportunities for communication error. It allows models to be managed for optimization of all needs start to finish and, as mentioned above, can incorporate sustainable strategies more effectively. It requires a great deal of trust among all parties.

Leverage BIM

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