Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SEA of Texas Legal Framework Presentation

At the Annual Meeting of the Structural Engineers Association of Texas in Austin James L. Salmon will discuss the legal framework required to deliver an integrated project.

The premise of James’ presentation is that integrated project delivery (IPD) is hampered by traditional legal agreements and participants need an integrated legal framework within which to construct the arch that supports IPD. The blocks that make up the left half of the arch are carved using building information modeling (BIM) tools, while the blocks that make up the right half of the arch are carved using Lean Construction tools.

The keystone, which supports each half of the arch, represents the integrated agreements, e.g. the legal framework, that supports BIM on the one hand and Lean Construction processes on the other, while the arch as a whole supports an actual Integrated Project. The image above provides a visual of the processes required.

Interested parties can register for the SEA of Texas Annual Meeting by following this LINK.

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