Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Jobs Article

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The article linked below highlights the need for green solutions to be economically feasible.  The excerpt summarizes the attitude of many green energy advocates that government mandates and government regulations will be required to enable the industry to compete with fossil fuels.  The better approach, I think, is to educate energy consumers regarding the long to cost savings associated with alternative energy and to build business models that depend on those long term cost savings rather than grants, subsidies and government mandates.  Green solutions must produce and or save green dollars.

"The industry's growth has been undercut by the simple economic fact that fossil fuels remain cheaper than renewables. Both Obama administration officials and green energy executives say that the business needs not just government incentives, but also rules and regulations that force people and business to turn to renewable energy. 

Without government mandates dictating how much renewable energy utilities must use to generate electricity, or placing a price on the polluting carbon emitted by fossil fuels, they say, green energy cannot begin to reach its job creation potential."

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