Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trimble Offers to Buy Tekla

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Trimble's offer to buy Tekla is an interesting development.  Trimble's focus on surveying, scanning and location identification technologies seems to be a good fit with Tekla robust design tools.  Combining their services / products will take some time but the combined entity should be able to compete well in the emerging BIM / Digital Scanning markets.

As the economy comes back more and more developers, contractors and owners are going to be looking for BIM packages that culminate in the delivery of a digital asset that matters to the owner.

At Collaborative Construction we continue to see increased demand for integrated solutions from sophisticated institutional owners seeking to leverage digital assets throughout the life cycle of the facility to increase the efficiency with which operations and maintenance are completed.  The combined Trimble / Tekla entity should be well positioned to compete for business from such owners.

Link to Press Release

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