Monday, August 1, 2011

Flipping the Classroom - Is the Khan Academy Revolutionizing Teaching?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Below I'm linking to another great TED video.  This is a presentation by Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy.  In the video he presents the concept of "flipping the classroom", the idea of recording lectures on the web and then teaching homework in the class room.  At Collaborative Construction we are exploring the use of this technique in our collaborative workshops.  If collaborative workshop attendees will invest time and energy in viewing lectures in advance then we can work on "homework" during the actual collaborative workshops.

I encourage all readers to take the time to view the video and a think about ways to extend these concepts in your business.  Please think about forwarding a link to this blog post to colleagues you think might be interested in the concept.

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Michael Bordenaro said...


Thanks for sharing this excellent insight on how to improve education.

The BIM Education Co-op supports BIMStorm because it has a similar learning-by-doing element.

It was great to see web-based education in use.

Mike Bordenaro
BIM Education Co-op