Monday, August 15, 2011

IPD Round Table on ROI for General Contractors

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

The IPD Round Table presentation on August 25, 2011 will focus on the ROI for IPD, BIM and lean processes for General Contractors. Short definitions of BIM, IPD and Lean will be set forth, the best legal mechanism for achieving IPD, BIM and Lean will be identified – an integrated agreement – and we will then turn our attention to the ROI achieved by General Contractors in the US who have adopted all or some aspects of IPD, BIM and the lean construction processes like the Last Planner System, Integrated Supply Chain Management and similar tools.

Collaborative Construction defines ROI as ROIx where the return on investment in innovation & information is multiplied to the X power by leveraging modern technology and lean business processes. Some of the questions we will explore include:

What is the ROIx of an investment in BIM?

What is the ROIx of an investment in IPD?

What is the ROIx of an investment in lean construction processes?

Where can the ROIx be found?

How do you measure ROIx?

Who gets the $ generated by ROIx?

Who gets the knowledge associated with ROIx?

Who gets the functional digital asset ROIx produces?

The ROI (Return on Investment) in BIM manifested by clash detection is old hat.

ROIx is a totally different ballgame as investing in innovation AND information AND leveraging that investment over the web has the potential to exponentially expand the value of the investment.

Adopting BIM – and the innovative lean business processes that must accompany it - is an investment in innovation required to compete in the 21st Century. Early adopters are reaping huge benefits. Adoption requires changes in corporate culture and, ultimately, a revolution in the built industry around the globe. Currently, too few entities in the built industry in Ireland are paying attention to the looming Tsunami of change bearing down on them. Focusing on these processes while the economy is slow will pay huge dividents when the economy comes back. The one (1) hour Webinar scheduled for Thursday August 25, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. EST.
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Raizu said...

During my research on contractors raleigh , I saw your post which is really interesting.MOst of companies must eveluate the ROI at every step.But some tiems the calculation goes wrong due to enviormental troubles in civil works.So the ROI calculations goes wrong in amount and accoerding the time as well.