Friday, August 12, 2011

Mining Oil Sands - Part II

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Below is a link to the second in a a two part series on producing oil from the oil sands in Alberta.  Energy companies seem to be paying a lot more attention to reclamation and other efforts to protect the environment today.  Watch the second video in the embedded report for a good overview of the use of steam to extract the oil.

I'm also interested in the use of natural gas to dilute the oil which might be a better option in drier climates.  Initially, I was worried about excess use of water, but it appears these companies are doing a great job of keeping the water they use to minimum by recycling the water used in the steam loop from one cycle to the next.

The report alludes to the boom to bust cycle associated with these production efforts and I see a lot of opportunity fo the use of IPD, BIM and lean processes by the companies involved.  Of course, most of these big energy companies already have a preffered set of service providers, but the surrounding communites, I think, are the ones that could benefit from collaborative solutions provided by intergrated teams.

Oil Sands Production Part II

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