Saturday, January 7, 2012

30 Story Hotel Built in China in 15 Days

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Can you say IPD, BIM and lean processes?  The Chinese got way out in front of us when they leveraged virtual design and construction tools, processes and software to build out infrastructure for the Olympics.  And they haven't looked back since.  One big difference is the government is, for all practical purposes, the client in China and the government stays out of the way while planners plan, designers design and builders build.  Regardless, the results are impressive.

We can continue to shackle our innovators and fall further and further behind in the US or we gain put our innovators back to work.  My preference is we put our innovators back to work.

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Clean room construction said...

well 30 story hotel.. would love to visit whenever it built:)

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Reward Hotel Projects said...

its really amazing that 30 story hotel built in only 15 days, really head off to all the workers and team leader to do this job. Hotel Construction

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