Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BIM Enabled Firms Enter Strategic Alliance

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

BRICSNET and MABEC join forces to leverage geo-spacial data in the FM world and round trip it to and from the BIM world.  It's almost as if they had recently talked to somebody who edits the BUILT - BIM to FM section of AUGIWorld Magazine isn't it?  Actually, I've got business cards from BRICSNET's Fuhrman and MABEC's Ghere laying on my desk and I kicked some of ideas around with each of them after the DC BIMStorm.

Glad to see these kind of collaborative efforts taking place.

Below is an excerpt from the press release.
Bricsnet FM America, Inc. and MABEC Group, Inc. today formalized a strategic alliance to create a bi-directional data exchange between cloud-based BIM databases and Bricsnet, the corporate real estate/facilities management tool.
Link to the press release.

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