Friday, January 13, 2012

Googlize My Body; Googlize My BIM

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Readers familiar with the Functional Digital Asset series and the Wicked Solutions series I authored for AUGIWorld Magazine last year know one mantra in my world is mastery of the information rich data stream that flows through the BUILT environment.  BIM enables us to visualize and manage that data more effectively.  Below I'm linking to two thought provoking items.  The first is what I refer to as the Googlization of our bodies and the second is a link to a blog post by WPS that lists 10 "Truths About BIM."

Virtual design and construction tools are "Googlizing BIM" - hat tip to Gregory Arkin, author of the bimboom blog and the Director of BIM Strategy at ACAI & Associates in Florida for that phrase and apologize to others who may used it before out of earshot - just as scientists are "Googlizing" our bodies.  The ramifications of routine and easy access to vast swaths of information rich data are mind boggling.

While not as compelling visually as the video above, the blog post below, by WSP's Bridget Kennerely, is insightful and mentions a study commissioned by WSP that I have ordered and will review upon receipt.  Truth No. 10, which proclaims BIM to be the DNA of construction ties the video above to the post title nicely.


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