Friday, January 13, 2012

IPD & BIM Resources

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

I've gathered an eclectic pile of IPD and BIM related resources over the past few years.  Below are links to a  few of the materials available on the web readers may find useful.  I'll add more from time to time but this is a good place to start for anyone seeking information.

BIM Execution Plan - PSU - Link to website

BIM Project Execution Guide - PSU - Link to request page for word template

IPD Guide - AIA Publication - Link to AIA download page

IPD Case Studies 2010 - AIA 2010 - Link to AIA download page

IPD Case Studies 2011 - AIA 2011 - Link to AIA download page

IPD A Working Definition AIA/AIACC 2008 - Link to PDF

IPD For Public & Private Owners -  COAA, NASFA, APPA, AIA & AGC 2010 - Link to PDF

Project Alliancing Practitioner's Guide - Victoria Government, Australia 2006 - Link to PDF

IPD Docs from AIA and ConsensusDOCS - Collaborative Construction 2008 - Link to AGC presentation

ConsensusDOCS 301 BIM Addendum - Rick Lowe and Jason Muncey - Link to ABA article from 2009

Aligning Data for the Life Cycle - ENR March 7, 2011 - Link to Collaborative Construction Blog Post

Negotiating an Integrated Project Delivery Agreement - Hanson Bridgett 2011

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