Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oil Refinery on Island of St. Croix Shuttered - More jobs circle the drain

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Oil refineries?  We don't need no stinkin oil refineries.  We're all GREEN now.

“This is a blow in the gut,” Senator Terrence Nelson told The Associated Press. “We have to organize an economic plan, and it might involve assistance from the federal government.”
Nelson accused Hovensa of violating a long-term agreement with the government to continue refinery operations on the island. Nelson said it is unclear what Hovensa will need to do to compensate the government for breaching the agreement.
“It’s devastating,” Senator Samuel Sanes said. “It was something I suspected was going to happen, but of course it took me by surprise. On a personal level it affects many people in my family. I have many in my family working for Hovensa.”
In January, Hovensa entered into a consent decree with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Justice Department in which the company agreed to invest $700 million on pollution controls after a series of chemical releases affected people living downwind from the refinery. Hovensa also agreed to pay a $5.4 million penalty for violating the Clean Air Act.

I wonder if the need to invest an additional $700 million in the plant could be part of the problem with keeping the enterprise afloat?  I wonder, also, why we have 60+ year old oil refining facilities and no permits for construction of new oil refineries have been issued in 30+ years?  I wonder if Obama's promise that "electricity prices will necessarily sky rocket" and his assurance that we would be paying higher prices for gasoline were part of a bigger plan?

It's almost as if the Obama Administration WANTS higher energy prices or something isn't it?

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