Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What if the doers went on strike?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Society pays an inordinate amount of attention to whether and to what degree things are "equal".  Conservatives clamour for "equal opportunity" while liberals - or is the politically correct term now "proggressives"? - insist the government support "equal distribution" of material things.  Both camps ignore a disparity that really matters and is universally present.  The disparity, in all societies, between those capable of creating wealth and those who are not.  Throughout the centuries risk takers and dreamers have led innovative revolutions and reaped the rewards.  I call these folks the "doers".

There are a lot of "doers" among those who advocate the use of IPD, BIM and lean processes in the BUILT environment.  And those "doers" exist on every continent, in every racial group and come in every political stripe. 

Lately, society has been highly critical of the "doers", with many calling for the "doers" to "pay their fair share" - whatever that means - and generally lamenting the fact that the "doers" have more stuff than others.  The article below, by Thomas Sowell, addresses disparities in the ability to create wealth in an insightful way.  Sowell says, in part:

It is a phenomenon among particular racial, ethnic or other groups in countries around the world — the Ibos in Nigeria, the Parsees in India, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, Germans in Brazil, Chinese in Malaysia, Lebanese in West Africa, Tamils in Sri Lanka. The list goes on and on.

Gross inequalities in skills and achievements have been the rule, not the exception, on every inhabited continent and for centuries on end. Yet our laws and government policies act as if any significant statistical difference between racial or ethnic groups in employment or income can only be a result of their being treated differently by others.
Read the whole thing.

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