Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game On!

Aaron Phillips, a long term contact here in Cincinnati, published a very interesting article in Design Intelligence this week.  The article, which focuses on the high quality of immersion in the gamer's experience in high end video / online games and compares it to the lack of such experience for users / owners in the construction design world got me to thinking about the future of design and how owners might finance a richer experience for their users.

My thought is to "crowd source" the user experience by arming customers / users with data gathering devises and then feed that data back to the game makers.  Owners of marque facilities / venues could then license the users' experience to a specific online game and the creators of the game could create a game quality user interface, available online, that potential users and gamers could access to virtually test the facility.  This would have applications across industries with students sitting virtually in class rooms, buyers virtually touring homes, test driving cars, and sports fans virtually attending games.

Below is an excerpt from Aaron's article that ties into the foregoing:

The capacity exists for us to create a design and enable people to virtually inhabit a building before it’s constructed. If we can channel and use gaming technologies properly, we can collect data about behaviors, space usage, where people spend the most time, what excites people, and ultimately, what people would change. This capability is essentially the promise of evidence-based design: measuring a prototype well before the building ever breaks ground. 

Read the whole thing!

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