Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hayek, IPD, BIM and lean?

The article excerpted and linked below reminded me of the ebb and flow of what happens in the collaborative and reiterative process of putting the best integrated agreement together, the best plan, the best design, and ultimately the best construction plan.  The quote below describes the efforts of an SaaS oriented firm, that stumbled upon SaaS rather than purposefully pursuing it as a business model.  A lot of what's going on with the delivery of IPD, BIM and lean services involves similar processes.

Our innovations that have driven the greatest economic value uniformly arose from iterative collaboration between ourselves and our customers to find new solutions to hard problems. Neither thinking through a chain of logic in a conference room, nor simply "listening to our customers," nor taking guidance from analysts distant from the actual problem ever did this. External analysis can be useful for rapidly coming up to speed on an unfamiliar topic, or for understanding a relatively static business environment. But at the creative frontier of the economy, and at the moment of innovation, insight is inseparable from action.

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