Monday, November 12, 2012

What does (BIM)X mean?

Regular readers know that BIM stands for building information modeling.  At Collaborative Construction we refer to BIM as (BIM)X rather than simply BIM.  We do this because the B relates to far more than just buildings, the i represents, inter alia, information, innovation and integration and the m stands for more than just modeling and management.  Accordingly, the algebraic style summary, (BIM)X, captures more of what we mean when we say BIM.

The image below comes from a Collaborative Construction presentation in which we drill down through the various potential meanings / uses of the formula (BIM)X.

The summary above fails to touch on INTEGRATION, a critical component of (BIM)X but there's only so much room on a PPT slide!  Anyone interested in learning more - and teaching your staff and collaborative partners in the built industry more - should reach out to us.

UPDATE:  Below is a shorter definition.

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