Friday, November 9, 2012

What the hell does (BUILT)X Mean?

One my colleagues asked the prescient question found in the title of this blog post.  Here's my current answer.

When Collaborative Construction uses the term (BUILT)X it refers to buildings built by BIM builders utilizing integrated procurement programs (IPP in 3D), integrated project delivery (IPD in 3D) and delivering those buildings to owners utilizing integrated operations and maintenance systems (IOM in 3D) where all the stakeholders utilize integrated lean processes and technologies today and tomorrow.

The image below summarizes the definition.

(BUILT)X Solutions, (SMART)X Game Changers, (STUPID)X, (BIM)X and (CM)X will all be defined in separate posts.  Eventually, I will put up a post that has all the defined terms in one place.

Meanwhile, if your firm or your clients are interested in implementing the (BUILT)X Solutions program or if you just want to learn more generally give us a call.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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