Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is (CM)X?

The term (CM)X refers to Collaborative Construction's cultural, construction and change management models (CM)X in 3DTM. We've taken (BUILT)X Solutions – and its component parts IPP in 3DTM, IPD in 3DTM and IOM in 3DTM – and rolled them into the (CM)X in 3DTM Program. The constant ear splitting lament in the built industry is that these innovative tools cannot be deployed until we “change” the culture.

OK. Bluff called. Let's change the CULTURE OF THE BUILT INDUSTRY!

You want to “Stop Stupid” in the built industry? Change the culture of the built industry.

You address cultural and construction change management from project to project as you deploy (BUILT)XSolutions from project to project and you deploy (SMART)XGame Changers to change the culture of (STUPID)X that permeates the built industry.

The image below contains a summary definition of  (CM)X as defined by Collaborative Construction.

The concept, as applied, is far broader than the summary definition above, but this gives readers a short hand take on the term.

To learn more join us for the (Smart)X Game Changer Series of webinars in 2013!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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