Monday, November 12, 2012

What's a (SMART)X Game Changer?

Many in the built industry refer to BIM and IPD as game changers.  In fact, at the 2012 ABA Conference Joe Cleves and Lisa Dal Gallo presented a paper titled "Integrated Project Delivery:  The Game Changer".  Similar works, praising BIM abound in the literature, both academic and industry specific.  

Too often, in much of the published work praising BIM and IPD as "game changers" advocates fail to define the term.  Accordingly, Collaborative Construction has created a simple definition that resonates with most audiences.  In keeping with our tradition of leveraging key concepts to the x power we refer to smart game changers as (SMART)X rather than simply smart.  That definition, which is not set in stone, is captured in the image below.

When the key features of IPD and BIM are read in light of the foregoing definition of a (SMART)X Game Changer it becomes clear those innovative new processes are, indeed, game changers.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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