Friday, May 10, 2013

BIM in 50 words or less

Jerry Grafton, who manages the BIM @ Middlesex University group on LinkedIn, challenged members of the group to define BIM in 50 words or less.  Below is my stab at the challenge.  Readers familiar with my penchant for acronyms and algebraic equations may quibble with my inclusion of (BIM)X and (SMART)X in definition, but by my lawyerly parsing of the instructions - and Word's word count - I'm right at the 50 word mark.  Besides, I didn't use (BUILT)X which includes (BIM)X if you want to get technical!

Readers in the UK should consider joining the group.  Again, here's my stab at the challenge:

(BIM)X enables authoritative capture of information during planning, design and construction, creating a shared knowledge resource, aka a digital asset. That asset enables (SMART)X decisions regarding planning, design, construction, operations & maintenance throughout the life cycle of the facility and any supporting infrastructure. In short, (BIM)X googlizes the built environment.

P.S.  Don't forget to report BIM Abuse!

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