Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Everything is bigger in Texas - Even Reductions in Carbon Emissions

How can Texas reduce it's carbon emissions more than Europe, California and others?  Free market energy seems to be the answer.  Shocking but true.

Texas, which much to the chagrin of the EPA maintains an independent energy grid, reduced, over a ten year period, its overall carbon emissions by almost 10%, reduced per capital carbon emissions by almost 25% and reduced the carbon intensity of its entire economy by over 25%.  To quote Cartman from South Park,  "How did I do that!"


So Texas, which produced over 50% of the jobs created during the recession, knocks the green task of reducing carbon emissions out of the park?  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  Very interesting.

The graph comes from the American Interest Blog which says,

We’ve written at length about the recent economic success story in Texas. More than any other state, Texas has proven that it can produce jobs, maintain budget surpluses, and grow GDP, all while reducing impact on the environment. Green Malthusians fret that economic growth and environmental sustainability cannot coexist. Texas is doing its best to prove them wrong.

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