Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Concrete - Tekla BIM for Clark & Grand Hotels

Below is a YouTube video from Tekla comparing and contrasting the BIM with the physical pours / progress on the actual project.

I'd prefer relevant and insightful commentary with the video, but all you get is some jazz-like music.  Regardless, this demonstrates the rapid rise of concrete in the BIM world.  The competition between steel and concrete as the preferred core component of major facilities is fascinating.  

In my (SMART)X (BUILT)X (CULTURE$)X Presentation the Mind Map I use lays out three joined technologies, Paper & Stone, CAD and Steel and Nanotech & BIM.  On the advanced materials / nanotech front concrete appears, at the moment, to be edging out in front of steel.

As the race to create, develop and deploy advanced nano-tech based materials in the built industry keep an eye on concrete and steel.  My prediction is that concrete will take the lead soon, but that steel / steel substitutes will make a comeback as nano-tech advances.  I envision advanced building materials manufactured on a grand nano scale.  Graphene, carbon nano-tubes and artificial / synthetic spider webs all dance in my head as I think of the next generation of steel / steel substitutes.  These things are still on the drawing board though, and concrete is leveraging advanced materials science and 3D Printing in ways steel is not at the moment.

The battle between concrete and steel reminds me a little bit of the arms race between guns and body armor.  Regardless, the advances will be exciting to watch.


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Unknown said...

You have shared great post about the Tekla BIM for Clark & Grand Hotels, i have watched the video it's really a great project, building basement and all other thing are great. Thanks for sharing...


Amee said...

This is cool!