Friday, May 10, 2013

More Humpty Dumpty BIM

Now the "consultants" aka trade contractors and specialty designers are complaining that the BIM thrown over the wall by manufacturers is too complicated, forcing the consultants to recreate the wheel.  A Design Build publication in Australia has the the story.

Gee.  Who would have ever predicated that?

The consultants are experiencing the same problem general contractors experience when designers toss design intent level BIM over the wall to them and the problem owners experience when general contractors toss federated BIM - which looks great in Navisworks but looks like a Braille Rubik's Cube to the owner - over the wall to owners.

Maybe somebody should launch a company that helps owners, contractors, designers and other stakeholders craft legal agreements that enable an integrated team to get on the same page from the out set heh?  Who knows, maybe such a team could virtually design the facility and supporting infrastructure first, with an eye towards establishing some certainty regarding costs, improving design to meet end users needs, constructability, logistics, fabrication, component parts, etc. ect.  Maybe the owner could even receive a useful digital asset at the end of the day?  Armed with such a model the owner might then control operations and maintenance costs over time.  After all, such costs - which typically range from 10% to 30% of the value of the facility or infrastructure depending on complexity - consume .85 cents of ever capital budget dollar. 

Nahh.  That's just crazy talk.  Let's continue to procure planning, design and construction services in a series of silos.  And let's make to mandate the production of BIM in those silos.  And let's makes sure the BIM produced in those silos dies, or at minimum is orphaned in those silos.  And if we forced, absolutely forced by an owner to deliver BIM then by all means toss over the wall as Humpty Dumpty BIM!

Here's an  excerpt from the article.

“The problem we face as consultants again and again is that we are reinventing the wheel over and over by producing all of our content pretty much ourselves” Holzer says. “The simple reason for that is that we can’t rely on any information that comes from the fabricators or the manufacturers because they are not really engaging us enough about what we actually need.
“A lot of manufacturers have their own software to develop their own models for their own purposes but their purposes are often different to ours. Very often they have too much information and sometimes they are completely over modelled [against consultants’ needs for simple documentation]. So there’s a lack of engagement between fabrication manufacturing side and the consultants who actually specify that information as part of their documentation.”

Then please contact Collaborative Construction to report any BIM left to die in a silos. Or orphaned in silo.  Or tossed over the wall as Humpty Dumpty BIM.  We can help prevent BIM Abuse in the future, but only if you call!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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