Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Online Education

Collaborative Construction has, for several years now, delivered a number of BIM, IPD and lean oriented courses via the web.  The IPD Round Table Series launched and delivered in 2010 was Collaborative Construction's first large scale effort.  This summer, Collaborative Construction will launch the (SMART)X Game Changer Series, another year long monthly series of online webinars delivered globally, but intended to prompt substantive conversations at the local level among built industry professionals in local markets.

Armed with a number of substantive courses developed for delivery in live collaborative workshops, as keynote presentations, as lunch hour lectures and as executive briefings Collaborative Construction has paid particular attention to the rise of so-called MOOCs at elite universities.  The article from the New Yorker, excerpted and linked below is a great primer on the topic.  Readers are encouraged to read the article as it provides a nice overview of MOOCs and where online education may be headed.

As a construction lawyer and trial attorney I learned a lot about teaching complex concepts to a mixed audience.  Today I leverage those skills in everything Collaborative Construction does, including live workshops and online webinars.  More and more I'm paying close attention to these MOOCs.  As we gear up to launch the (SMART)X Game Changer Series this summer I would like to invite readers, their colleagues and clients to join the conversation.  Let's press forward together and revolutionize the deliver of planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance services in the built industry!

Many people think that moocs are the future of higher education in America. In the past two years, Harvard, M.I.T., Caltech, and the University of Texas have together pledged tens of millions of dollars to mooc development. Many other élite schools, from U.C. Berkeley to Princeton, have similarly climbed aboard. Their stated goal is democratic reach. “I expect that there will be lots of free, or nearly free, offerings available,” John L. Hennessy, the president of Stanford, explained in a recent editorial. “While the gold standard of small in-person classes led by great instructors will remain, online courses will be shown to be an effective learning environment, especially in comparison with large lecture-style courses.”

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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