Friday, May 10, 2013

Software Advice Benchmark Survey Results

A few months ago I linked to a survey distributed by Software Advice out of Austin, Texas.  The results are in and linked below.

2013 Construction Project Management Benchmark

Software Advice­­ -- a demand generation company headquartered in Austin, Texas -- ­­just released their 2013 Project Management Software Benchmark Report, a study that gauges software adoption and effectiveness in the construction project management industry.

Over the last two months, Software Advice surveyed 230 construction industry professionals about their project management practices and outcomes. While the survey surfaced many important findings, three key points stood above the rest.

1.      Construction project management software produces superior outcomes. Construction project management software users were the most likely to report that their system met their needs, with 72 percent of users indicating satisfaction. They also reported finishing projects on time and on budget more frequently than any other type of software user.

2.      Construction project managers are embracing Cloud technology. 57 percent of survey participants relied on Cloud­based software to manage their construction projects. This indicates that project managers are open to using software hosted and maintained off­site.

3.      Preconstruction planning is a top challenge and priority in 2013. 56 percent of participants reported that inaccurate project estimates were an obstacle to delivering projects on budget. Meanwhile, 70 percent noted that changes to building plans were an obstacle to delivering projects on time. In recognition of these challenges, project managers stated that they would focus on the estimating, takeoff and bidding processes as a top priority in 2013.

In 2013 and beyond, Software Advice will be tracking how well technology evolves to help project managers address these challenges and priorities on the job site. For more information on this survey, and to access a detailed report analyzing findings, visit the 2013 Construction Project Management Software Benchmark Report

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