Thursday, August 29, 2013

Smart Built Culture Series News

As mentioned in an earlier post I'll be working with Middlesex University out of London to create and deliver twelve (12) separate one and one half (1.5) hour webinars to graduate students enrolled in MDX's MSc BIM Management Course. I'll also be writing an instructor's manual and a student study guide for the course. Accordingly, I've decided to go ahead an write book based off the content created for MDX's MSc BIMMM course.

The book will be called "Smart Built Cultures: Fixing Our Broke Built Culture" and it will have approximately 30 chapters.  Below is a rough outline of the Table of Contents for the Book.

Simultaneously with the launch of the online presentations for MDX I intend to launch an online series called the Smart Built Cultures Series which will be modeled after the highly successful IPD Round Table Series offered by Collaborative Construction a few years ago.  The first twelve (12) events in the Series will parallel the first twelve (12) sessions of the MDX course and the first twelve (12) to thirteen (13) chapters in the book.  

The cost of creating all the content for the webinars and writing the book will be defrayed, in part, by selling individual tickets to the online Smart Built Series events and by recruiting Sponsors for the Series.  A separate post will be published over the weekend that outlines the scope, nature and benefits of the Smart Built Series.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  And let me know what you think about the outline / table of contents for the book as set forth below.

Smart Built Culture$
Fixing Our Broke Built Culture

Table of Contents



(SMART)X Game Changers in the Built Environment
(BUILT)X Solutions for the Built Environment
(CULTURE$)X Impact on the Build Environment

Smart Game Changers

Smart Scalable Solutions for the Built Environment
Meaningful and Manageable Metrics that Matter in a Built Environment
Actionable, Accurate and Accountable: Ideas + Data + Leadership = Success
Relational, Repeatable and Reliable: Real Business Models in a Built Environment
Transformational Legal Frameworks that Support the Built Environment

Built Solutions

(BIM)X Googlizes Everything in a Knowledge based Built Environment
“Up the Stupid Tree” A Parable on Change in the Built Environment
Is Integrated (BIM)X the New Standard of Care in the Built Environment?
Lean Tools and Processes in the Built Environment
Technology Today and Tomorrow in the Built Environment

Culture's Impact

Communicating Clearly & Concisely in the Built Environment
Useful Governance Mechanisms in the Built Environment
Leveraging Lean Logistics in the Built Environment
Technology Today and Tomorrow in the Built Environment
Usurpers of Education in the Built Environment
Religion in the Built Environment: Theological, Environmental & Political
Energy and Fuel as Market Drivers in the Built Environment
$ As a Market Driver in the Built Environment

Concluding Thoughts



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