Monday, October 14, 2013

As UK BIM Mandate Looms Advise Galore on BIM Adoption

As the UK government's 2016 BIM mandate draws nigh more and more firms are scrambling to figure out how to adopt, deploy and implement BIM effectively.  The article excerpted and linked below provides a nice summary of the first best steps.  

The government’s target is ambitious, but it does recognise that there are several stages along the way. The strategy paper produced by the Government Construction Client Group, reporting to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, uses the Bew-Richards maturity model, which defines three levels of BIM, based not only on the level of technology used to design a building, but on the level of collaboration within the process. Level 0 describes a paper-based process with CAD drawings; level 3 is a fully open and integrated process with models shared between the project team on a web-enabled BIM hub. That is still some way away, with a number of technological hurdles to be overcome first. For 2016, the target is level 2, in which separate disciplines create their own models, but all project data is shared electronically in a common environment.

One world of caution.  Avoid the myopic industry focus on BIM only and pay attention to the delivery side - e.g. IPD, Design-Build and PPP - and don't forget the scope and nature of the legal framework within which you deliver BIM matters a great deal as well.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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