Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CIOB Contract for Complex Projects

The Charted Institute of Builders out of the UK published an excellent form of contract earlier this year.  I tracked the effort to develop the contract but hadn't yet read the final product.  Hat tip to Brian O'Hanlon out of Ireland who reminded me of the documents and sent me some great links.  

The history of the CIOB Contract for Complex Project reminds me a lot of the effort that gave rise to the ConsensusDocs here in the US and I see a lot of similarities between the CIOB contract and ConsensusDocs 300 Series.

I am looking forward to reading these documents side by side and identifying the best of both worlds.  The pace of change in the built industry is accelerating.  Is your organization ready?

Below is a presentation / speech by Keith Pickavance detailing the results of certain research completed by CIOB that led to the new contract.  The experience parallels my own experience and the experience of others in key sectors of the construction industry.  The speech is well worth your time.  

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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