Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope - Inspectors on Construction Sites Using Tablets

Interesting.  Very interesting.  What are these "tablets" and how are they being used?

The article excerpted and linked below describes a grown trend in the construction industry that should bring cheer to the heart of any advocate of BIM and IPD.  Apparently, cue the band, independent inspectors on construction sites are now using computer tablets to record data during their inspections.  Holy cow!  Who'd ever think of something crazy like that? 

Now if we could just get banks and owners to request actual digital assets we could pass out tablets to the trade contractors, suppliers and others as well.  But a start is a start.

"If the data coming from the field through the tablets, could easily be integrated or combined with a BIM solution that would implement a “quality vocabulary” (attaching NCRs, ITPs, Audits and observations) it would probably provide the perfect solution for any Quality Professional in the industry."

You think?

Read the whole thing.  And watch the video! 

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Unknown said...

This looks interesting. I have been looking for valid solutions to this for a while. Nothing that I have come across is quite robust enough.