Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cloud Based Collaboration Platforms Maturing

At the ThinkBIM Blog the proprietor, Matt Rumbelow, published a handy summary of cloud based collaboration platforms available on the market Down Under.  But Oz isn't the only place purveyors of these new platforms compete. Cloud based collaboration platforms are being used all over the world. 

Aconex, which is on Matt's list, is being used on the massive Panama Canal Locks expansion project and MySmartPlans continues to deliver a unique service here in the US.  In the UK Docia Ltd, a Denmark based company, has moved into Asite's backyard. 

As purveyors of these cloud based collaboration platforms proliferate the built industry enjoys more options and fewer excuses when it comes to jumping on the cloud.  Of course, as the competition heats important questions arise. Whose cloud is it?  Can we share the same cloud?  Should you get off of my cloud?  


Clever hey?  Ok, ok, I totally ripped that image off.  Hell, my readers know I can barely post an image I steal from another site, much less create a cool graphic like that!

Matt Rumbelow actually created it and since you've seen it here you really have to click through to the ThinkBIM Blog to see the whole list.  Which is actually filled with tidbits about each of the cloud based platforms he lists.  Seriously. Read the whole thing at the link!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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