Friday, November 1, 2013

Sovereign Power And the Built Environment

As mandates for the use of BIM proliferate long term advocates of BIM – yours truly included – tend to cheer.  But let's not get too drunk on our own whiskey.  Mandates limit choices – as rubes, aka Obama voters and the “Marks” in the Orwellian named “Affordable Care Act” scheme are learning  - and limits in the market place tend to drive up costs.  Thought leaders in the built industry must tread carefully in the realm of mandates.

Many advocates of BIM, consumed by their own hubris, mistakenly believe BIM – or as I define it (BIM)X – serves as a magic elixir, healing ills of all kinds in the built environment.  But sellers of Snake Oil rely on gullibility and the market.  They never pinch their clients' noses and force feed them the Snake Oil.  Only governments do that.

Which brings me to the title of this post.  Where does sovereign power lie in the built industry?  How about on a specific project?  In other words, who controls your destiny on a construction project?

Too often it's the government.  Design-Bid-Build, the broken Frankenstein of delivery models, is mandated by statutes, rules and regulations on public projects all over the world.  And too often, sheep-like owners in the private sector adopt those same procurement rules and regulations as their own.  When the legal framework within which you must operate shackles you from the outset all the (BIM)X Pixie Dust in the world won't save a project.  

Until owners are free to select, train and deploy integrated (BIM)X and (IPD)X enabled teams, the full capabilities of BIM and IPD will not be realized.  Meanwhile, government mandates will continue and the unintended consequences of those mandates will continue to manifest themselves.  Let's hope BIM mandates don't become as big a debacle as the ACA.

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