Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why (IPD)X is Different than Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Regular readers of the blog understand my unhealthy obsession with the use of algebraic equations to exponentially expand concepts of all kinds.  In the past the terms BIM, BUILT and CM all found themselves surrounded by parenthesis and then expanded exponentially by the x hanging over the last parenthesis.  Thus, at various times, I've defined (BIM)X, (BUILT)X and (CM)X exponentially, but resisted defining IPD in the same way.  

The time has come to define IPD in a similar manner.  In preparing presentations for the MSc BIM Strategy course offered by Middlesex University out of London and for students at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Calgary I found the task of explaining the use of IPD throughout the life cycle of a facility and supporting infrastructure much easier when I expanded the concept of IPD to span that entire life cycle as well.  In doing so I found the concept tied in neatly with my argument for a new generation legal framework that supports and enables BIM on the one hand and other innovative processes, like lean construction, cultural management and lean supply chain logistics etc. etc. on the other.

The image below is extracted from one of the early presentations where I defined IPD esponentially.  The meanings listed in this slide only begin to scratch the surface regarding the new term!

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