Friday, December 6, 2013

(BIM)X Googlizes Everything in the Knowledge Economy

That's the title of the lecture to the students in the BIM Strategy / Management Course offered by Middlesex University out of London.  As regular readers may know, I'm teaching the cultural and legal implications of BIM and IPD piece of the course online and the entire course if being folded into the Smart Built Culture Series scheduled for launch in 2014 and the Smart Built Cultures:  Fixing Our Broke Built Culture book scheduled completion in late 2014 and publication in 2015.  Individuals and entities interested in participating - either passively or actively - need to reach out right away.  The train is leaving the station!

But on to the subject of this post.  Access to the vast reservoir of data on the web represents a sea change in history.  For the first time, virtually every individual on the planet enjoys access to information - and by extension knowledge - mastered by every other individual on the planet.  The exponential connections required to connect any two such individuals on the planet blow one's mind.  But critically, the vast reservoir - should we actually call it a universe? - of data expands exponentially everyday as we move from a web / iCloud where humans physically input data to an internet of things where (SMART)X objects feed information to the web 24/7/365.

Think about that for a minute.  The exponential explosion of data / information that began when Guttenberg invented the printing press got real when Al Gore invented the interwebs back in 1991!  

Where does the built industry fit?

Not sure yet.  The built industry drags its feet, whines and refuses to embrace change.  Some does so because the ball of fat they manage is just too lucrative.  Others do so because they don't see the looming Tsunami.  Still others refuse due to comfort with their current circumstances.  But change looms.  And individuals and entities the deliver services in the built industry cannot avoid change forever.

But fit the industry must.  The web and the global economy punishes laggards.  Top end design and construction firms deploy BIM now.  They also keep a finger on the pulse of IPD from their clients' the owners' - perspective.  As owners demand BIM and IPD these firms deliver BIM and IPD.  Can you?

Let's change gears and take a look at a new firm delivering manufacturing design and production services in the new knowledge economy.

Three years ago the company consisted of Jordi hand-soldering on a folding card table in his garage and me and my kids packing kits on the dining room table. Now we've got 35,000 square feet of factory space with four high-end pick-and-place lines, three CNC lines, and factory managers hired from companies such as Samsung and Foxconn running the show. All of this was learned by doing, not by schooling. And that's the magic of the new industrial revolution. 

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Click the links above to read the whole thing.  This article nicely summarizes the impact of the knowledge economy on the manufacturing industry.  As usual, the three big auto markers will be caught flat footed.  Will you?  Will your firm?

There's no excuse.  The Smart Built Culture Series addresses these issues and arms you individually and your firm as an organization with the tools you need to compete in the new knowledge economy.  Reach out today and get involved.  Don't be swept away by a tsunami in the new knowledge economy.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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