Monday, March 23, 2015

Lecture on Deming's Quest

As regular readers know I'm teaching portions of the masters level BIM Strategy course at Middlesex University in London. My next lecture will focus on Deming and his quest for continuous improvement. The lecture connects threads of thought pioneered by Deming and others to the lean construction processes applied by forward thinkers in construction today. The excerpt below captures Deming's thoughts on systems and forms the core of the lecture.

Deming viewed organizations as systems. Defining a system as a network of interdependent components striving for the same goal, Deming envisioned systems in which everyone gains, from shareholders, to customers, suppliers, employees, the community and the environment. Deming analogized to an orchestra to illustrate the concept, noting, “An orchestra is judged by listeners, not so much by illustrious players, but by the way they work together. The conductor, as manager, begets cooperation between the players, as a system, every player to support the others. There are other aims for an orchestra, such as joy in work for the players and the conductor.”

Viewing an organization as a system compels consideration of internal and external connections and interactions and eliminates silos. An integrated approach achieves real success by improving the quality of its products and services, to raising the entire esprit de corps of a company.

Is the system that makes up your organization healthy? Is it ready to deliver planning, design and construction services collaboratively in an integrated trust based environment?

Soon Collaborative Construction will announce a new initiative that focuses on solutions to the core problems faced by built industry professionals that want to operate in a trust based environment that supports and rewards BIM enabled planning, design and construction services in an IPD environment. I will keep readers informed as the initiative unfolds.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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