Sunday, July 16, 2017

If blockchains ran the world ...

As Collaborative Construction works to bring Smart Built Cultures to the world we keep a close eye on all things technological. And one of the technologies making waves these days is the blockchain.

An article written by James L. Salmon on the potential use of blockchain technology to facilitate payment of pay applications in construction is one example. That article, "The Future of Payments in Construction: Pay me on the Blockchain!" includes an introduction to the blockchain then explores pay applications as a potential use case and is available at the link above.

Another interesting discussion of blockchains is set forth in the article "If blockchains ran the world Disrupting the Trust Business" published in The Economist this month.

At Collaborative Construction we will keep a finger on the pulse of the blockchain and anyone that needs help creating a Smart Built Culture within their organization should reach out to us!

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